Four furnished apartments

The house itself includes 4 apartments (see list of apartments for details), all at ground level with a courtyard and a terrace on the side. Each apartment has its separate entrance leading to that specific apartment's doorway ensuring privacy and discretion between the guests as well as a parking spot next to a well-lit stone fence for each apartment. All of the activities and facilities the village provides (beaches, walkways, stores, restaurants, Cafés, playgrounds, mini markets, fish vendors...) are very close to the house as is the centre of Petrčane.

The house is a modern take on the traditional Dalmatian household as it captures the Mediterranean spirit as You sit on the terrace surrounded by local plant life creating an escape from the hot summer sun in the shade it creates, while the stone fence around the house gives you privacy to talk. Picture Yourself coming from a day on the beach, taking a refreshing outdoor shower and sitting down to make a meal in the stone oven the terrace provides, with the ability to eat your food outdoors with Your family. That is only one of the many possible views of a perfect vacation we will try to provide You as housekeepers.



The „Summer Touch“apartments are located in a small, beautiful and, above all, unique Mediterranean village of Petrčane. Situated in a small cove of Punta Skala in the very heart of the Dalmatian coastline, only 12km away from Zadar, a cultural centre of Dalmatia and 6km from Nin, one of the 3 traditional sea salt refineries in the country. While the location provides You with the local history pretty much at your fingertips, our biggest national treasure is only 60 meters away from the apartments, which is, of course, the beautiful Adriatic Sea beyond a beach where the whole family can relax.

The beaches range from sand to stone and pebble beaches all well-kept and which include water activities (aquaparks, jet skis, boat and speedboat rentals...) and with lots of natural shade. They are also ideal for recreational activities such as running and cycling, while also being perfect for afternoon strolls along the walkways decorated by natural vegetation while being bathed by the most beautiful sunset in the whole Mediterranean the sun meets the horizon and dives into the sea creating a beautifully painted skyline.



This destination is an ideal starting point for various excursions. 

Tour and sightseeing of the city of Zadar, and the royal city of Nin with a saltworks with the best salt. From Zadar, excursions are offered to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, the Paklenica National Park, the Krka National Park, the Kornati National Park and the Telašćica Nature Park. 

From Petrčane itself, a full day boat trip through the Zadar archipelago with a tour and swimming on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Sakarun beach on Dugi Otok. 

And don't miss the visit to the "Royal Vineyards" where you can taste top quality wines, enjoy top quality food and views of the Petrčka Bay and the archipelago, and they are only about 1000 m away from our accommodation.